Our Apartment – Your Space

The apartment:
The traditional wooden structure called Santo André cross divides the kitchen and living room, giving plenty of light and space to each area. The light reflected from the surrounding water gives the apartment a special environment that is completed by the dark brown tone from all the aged wooden.
The bathroom has a lovely 100 year’s old gold mirror and a mix of modern and rustic features preserving the original porcelains and taps.
The two bedrooms incorporate different personalities: The master bedroom, follows a more dramatic and monarchic decoration, having a original “Dª Maria”  mahogany bed with a sumptuous headboard. The individual room, has a set of furniture, original from the beginning of the century, with craftsmanship work done with wooden fibers and special wooden painting.

The Building:
A historic building dated from 1850, was build under the post-earthquake directives following a wooden cage structure as is skeleton. Has been kept under the same family ownership since its construction and preserved as patrimony . The building was completely restored in 2009 just to feel like home to you.